Presentation Design

Travel Trends Webinar

Value-add webinar for travel agents to showcase the trending destinations for 2018. Positions Collette as the experts in the industry with inside knowledge on future destinations.

River Cruise Webinar

Webinar paired with the River Cruise brochure, to educate agents on the top selling points of a river cruise.

Sales Tips Webinar

Value-add webinar to train group leaders on selling their groups effectively. Positions Collette’s sales team as the experts in travel sales.

Agent Resource Guide Webinar

Webinar supporting the Agent Resource brochure with tips on what sets Collette apart from competitors and how to utilize Collette’s agent tools.

Collections Webinar

Breaks down Collette tours into digestible categories based on their client’s interests to help agents sell the right tours to the right people.


About This Project —

Over the past two & a half years, I have managed the creative side of Collette’s B2C and B2B webinars. I am definitely a webiNERD, and I believe in the power of webinars as an important marketing tool. I’ve worked hard to establish a consistent look and feel for each webinar, while injecting a bit of fun for the viewer. In 2019, I had the opportunity to attend Webinar World in San Francisco to expand my knowledge of webinar design.